Hello world! What’s up?

Anyone here love to drink coffee?

Yeay!!me too!Always addicted to drink coffee, at least once a day.

Hey, but did the coffee contains bad thing they called caffeine? ~.~

Well,for me i’d love to drink coffee with healthy benefit..A premix coffee,absolutely.Always prefer something with health benefit.

Let me tell you a secret, in Malaysia here we got a lot types of premix coffee. And I’m proudly announcing to the world that I’m part of the dealer!woohoo…

So,you guys wanna give it a try? Wait till the next entry..I’ll do some sale here..till then!


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My Little Fluffy!

Oh my…I’m still at work yet I’m missing them already!

Guys, let me introduce to you my little fluffy…





The grey = Doraemon
The white = Shiro

These two little fluffy are my precious kittens. My heart, my soul..Wuhuuu…

My babies, wait for Mama to come home & hug both of you!!!


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Health, Beauty, Confidence – Premium Beautiful

Good day!

Here we met again. Last entry, I’ve mumbled about the beauty versus the health. Then I told about sharing “something good” right?

Ok, here you go…lets explore this thing!

-Superbrands awarded
-lifetime warranty
-combined technology from Japan,US,German & Taiwan
-Far Infra Ray (F.I.R)
-acknowledged by American Chiropractic Association
-made from Akwatek & Akwadyne fabrics
-360° stretch power
-designed for 70% health & 30% beauty

-improves blood circulation
-enhance body metabolism
-promote breathing system
-avoid the spreading of cancer cell
-shape your body with good posture
-designed with soft fabric
-help to reduce toxin from your blood
-comfortable to be wear all day along

Hey, what the heck is this “thing”?

Haha..I know that is what you’ve been thinking since the first word.Well, the thing called “Premium Beautiful”. Yeah, have you ever heard about it? Curious to know how it looks like?

Hey girl!Yes, you are right! It’s actually a set of foundation lingerie series. Let me show you how it looks like…


Short Brassiere


Waist Nipper


Long Girdle

Ok, now you got it right? Well, I’ve described about the features & the benefits of this thing. What else you want to know about it?

Get yourself into the comment space.. I’ll get the answer for your question. Till then, take care of your health dear!

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Health & Beauty – lets talk about it!


Girls, what is health and beauty means to you?

People always said that women are too obvious with beauty. Anything that can turn them into a beautiful women, they will definitely try it. But did you realize whether the ‘magical thing’ that can bring you the beauty, are really safe for your health or not?

Hey, I’m not trying to condemn any women. Because I’m also a woman and I always dream to be a beautiful woman (at least for my hubby). BUT…I’d love to be healthy more than to be beauty.

Why did I say so?

Of course, when you are healthy then you will look beautiful. But if you are beautiful, it doesn’t mean that you are completely healthy. Because some people will try to consume unhealthy things to get an instant result to be a beauty.

Plastic surgery? Ouch, its hurt!

Medication? Urghh..the taste @#$%!

Then, what is the solution? …yes, taking care of your own health is the best way to be a beauty. It may takes some of your times, but it will never hurt you in any way..

I think I will have to stop mumbling right now. Next, I will share with you guys something good for you health. Till then, stay tune!



Hello World!

After one year to another year, our perspective in life will change. Our dream will be renewed. Same goes to me. From this year onwards, I’m going to be a successful woman. In what matters? Of course in everything I did.

Ladies & gentleman, I wish you a happy new year & looking forward to have a new friends!